Sex is a primordial act. According to Abraham Marlow’s hierarchy of needs, it is basic. This is to say that upon maturity, we all tend to desire intimacy, we long to hold and to be held. It is sad, however, that the society we live in has put an embargo of shame on sex, and people in turn, have capitalized it. 

Upon maturity and with consent, one should be allowed to have sexual experiences and entanglements, as they choose. This is regardless of their gender, social status, and financial standing. I will like to add that getting married is not the only rock, upon which sexual intimacy can be built. Pretending that it is speaks of the hypocrisy of the human society.  

That said, it is also vital  to note that intimacy is a transaction of trust. This explains why it happens behind close doors. Some people go as far as having the light off. So, if a person goes intimate with you, it is assumed that they hold you at high regard, and they expect you to keep it safe. Expect issues where sexual exploitation is to be exposed, no one should release pictures of a partner’s body part. If we take aside the hypocrisy of the act, It is also a savage thing to do. It is never without selfish undertones, and most of all, it brings the integrity of the blackmailer to question. 

However, we live in a society where the blackmailer is praised, and the blackmailed, who I assume is the vulnerable, is shamed. I often wonder what it is about human’s that triggers celebration over another’s downfall. All of us, in our raw, savage, unchecked state rejoice over other people’s misfortune, especially if the said sufferer is more successful than we are. This explains why Dangote’s bumbum is trending. 

I am particularly shocked that anyone would try to condemn Dangote because he has a sexual partner, instead of scolding and condemning this lady, who, for whatever reason(which I am certain is selfish), decides to be exploitative. Dangote is not celibate, and not married either. What stops him from having sexual encounters?

Again, it is almost as if people are about to justify this action. To some, it is funny. But Evil is evil no matter who commits it or where it is committed. The same rage at which we condemn men leaking women’s nude is the same with which we must condemn this action. Humanity is in protecting the image of the vulnerable without bias.

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