As the clamor for community policing in Nigeria intensifies, and following the successful installment of the joint indigenoussecurity outfit, Amotekun, in other South-western states; the government of Ogun state inaugurated it’s chapter of the Amotekun Corps.

Wole Soyinka, was named the Super Marshall of the Amotekun Corps. Soyinka who is no stranger to the quandary of insecurity in the state, described the security outfit as symbolic, unique, aesthetic, and different. He admonished other security agencies, and explained that “[Amotekun] is not a replacement for them.

He concluded his speech by saying, “So Amotekun, we are watching you. If you abuse your uniform, before Ogun strikes you, we would have dealt with you. Thank you.” A threat that makes you hope Amotekun truly performs efficiently, and doesn’t end up becoming The Bottled Leopard.

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