In an era rife with complex family relations, never-before-seen familial dramas, and ever-shifting landscapes & boundaries bordering on ménages; Bakwa Magazine, the Cameroon-based Pan-African literary powerhouse, has released it’s 10th issue, Bakwa 10: Family Politricks. The Bakwa 10 is an intriguing and microscopic overview of the machinations driving and/or wrecking families, and the secrets that bind and unbind them.
Featuring awe-inspiring works by Eleanor TK, Sada Malumfashi, JK Anowe and other remarkable creatives, the issue explores rhetorics such as: Is blood really thicker than water? What does family mean? How do we relate to it? How does it make or unmake us? Is it defined exclusively by blood ties? How often does it fuck us up? How often does it protect us? From Bamenda to Maryland, Port Harcourt to Addis Ababa, Bakwa 10 explores the ways in which families make and unmake us.”
Click on to purchase the book. And… bon appetit!

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