after a busy day,
i logged onto Facebook to have a conversation with my favorite people
& then came a friend request.
a request from a girl who never wanted to hold me like a Catholic rosary. 
her prayers were reflections of how our love drowned behind grandma’s old zinc house. i held this girl like the way christ held the church, thinking our friendship would never pass away, just like the word of God. 
she became a small god,
i worshipped her skin with my lips & built a home of reliance in her body.  
i made this girl's feet stand on golden sands, as my fingers undressed each pain within her soul.
but this girl never watched me like her favorite sport, 
she said; “i am everything opposite to the meaning of love". 
i became a country like Liberia, 
a country with many citizens undergoing depression from its systems.
but here i am, still recovering from tortures she planted at every section of my body 
as the lord's prayer finds a route to my tongue. 


Edwin Olu Bestman alias “Magical Poet” is a young writer of eminent pedigree that writes from Monrovia, Liberia. He is a multi-award-winning poet who has won numerous awards. He’s a philanthropist and a civil engineer. He has co-authored several anthologies and the author of two books; Genesis and Raindrops. His works have been featured in: The Writer’s Space African Magazine (Feb 1, 2019 edition), Namaste Ink Magazine, Ducor review, Spillwords, Odd Magazine, Eboquills, Literary Yard, Libpedia, PoetrySoup, Poetry Nation, WewriteLiberia, Ngiga Review, SIM, Nantygreens, Sipay Magazine, Orange Book Club, Rising Phoenix Review, AfroRep Journal, Madness Muse Press, Rigorous Magazine and elsewhere.

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