What it means To Carry the Grief of a Country in one’s Body—Omodero David Oghenekaro

Let us begin with a nation unto whom freedom was gifted             & the woe of the pontificators who thought we would become nothing     like them…   I met two men today              One staunch-faced with the beard of an Israelite, The other, a man of little sorrow, who argued he was already dead as


SUBMISSION GUIDELINES ArtsLounge is currently open for submissions for Volume 1, Issue 1 until February 28th 2020. This call is an open submission and writers can submit works with variant themes, styles, and forms, either as traditional pieces or hybrids. We love queer and unusual pieces, unconventional experiments, outsider pieces, and audacious thoughts meant for


For Vivian Ify Ezeala (Vee) I would not reduce you to metaphors Or lyrics of a sad poem Or one-day tears and indigestion/ I want to tell so much of want and what it means to blend with grief/ cradle lostness gently, gently/ like unrehearsed music I want to embrace the rudiments of mourning like a widowed wife/ tongue heavy   throat sour and the words failing to hinge like your


The one time I was asked of why I think I qualify as a good reader and editor, I said my eye for language. It must have been what everyone expected to hear seeing that I got the editor jobafterwards. Later, when someone would ask what I thought about the screenshot of a poem I shared on my status, I would say, “pretentious”; a compliment I would give out without


I it’s an easy thing to have a god for yourself, & such a big god grandma began to have when my uncle died one that’s even bigger than God.     it’s not a bad thing  to have two gods when you lose a child,  & you believed your dead son will resurrect   like your other God’s son.  

Language And Culture—Nancy Immaculate Akarulam

Language and  culture have a complex correlation. In fact, both evolved. A. L. Krober, a cultural anthropologist, one wrote that, “Culture started when speech was available and from that beginning, the enrichment of one led to the other to develop further.” Young children learn their language and culture from the society where they are born. In the process of language learning,