It’s spring again! the season of regeneration, of life, of resurrection and newness. The season of arts and Dionysus (the god of fertility and wine)

This explains why April is the national month of poetry, or what other way will you explain the purification of the soul after one reads and writes a work of art? 

To commemorate this month, Arts Lounge is announcing the Springfest. In the month of April, we’ll be publishing one poem a day, and 2 stories a week, through the month of April. Other art forms (spoken words, drama, non-fiction, paintings, e.t.c.) are accepted and will be published if accepted. 

Writers and artists in any stage of their career are welcomed to submit, and all works will be given equal consideration.

Send all entries in the way you want them published to

Three works will be recognized at the end of this month. 

Yours in the arts,

Adaeze M. Nwadike

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  1. Ibrahim Muhammad Adam


    When are you opening the submission again or is it all available?

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