If this hard earth toughened by drought represents your heart,

If the cracks represent how torn you are,

If these lines represents how many times you havebeen left to crash and burn, and 

If these lines were to be connected, 

And you were found to have been rejected too many times and continually tied to your past, 

Then, let me become the rivulets that would satisfyyour soul, 

Let me become droplets of water that would fillthose cracks,

Let me bring healing to your aching and fragile heart

And regardless of how much tears you have shedtrying to wet that parched heart, 

You are brave and your courage will never cease to inspire.

Onosike Stephanie is a lover of beautiful writings.She graduated from the University of Nigeria ,Nsukka with a B.SC in Science Education and works as a teacher. She is an ardent reader of Fiction.

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