It played on and on like a scene from a movie 

The graphics filled mind replaying the hell hole she lived in 

Memories never to be forgotten

Their voices have become an all familiar music

Their faces, an all familiar ghost

Hunting down the dose of peace once familiar

Large, small, medium hands groping her

White, black and maybe pink hands she says

As the facts becomes blurred and confusion sets in

She wasn’t supposed to end like this

She wasn’t supposed to be hollow

She was supposed to be full of life

She was supposed to be in love

Supposed to get married

And live the rest of her life in love and happiness

Hmm, Life

Life didn’t turn out the way she wanted

She ought to have seen the signs

She ought to not have trusted him blindly

Maybe what they say is true

Love is Blind

She trusted him with all her heart

Her one true love

And as the memories of the day

When the gong sounded “sold” came rushing

The day the sweetness of his lips sweetened her into believing a lie

The sweet-smelling savor of his lips promising a job

 And like a fool in desperate need of a job

She fell from the highest level into the darkest level of prostitution

A prostitute without a choice

She became the sole provider of sexual orgasms 

In true fulfillment to her riches in glory

To be harassed and abused became a daily food

As they all claim she was a good sex toy 

Suitable for their weird fetishes

In the end she was rescued from that Gehenna

But her graphics filled mind never did leave that Gehenna

The darkness shone brighter and brighter

The girl we once knew was lost

Her once expressive eyes had become lifeless

Existing was her daily routine

The darkness finally won the battle

And in truth, the true ending is this

She finally gave in to the pain

The last I heard of her was silence

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