Nature’s Eye

A walk through the garden,
had my eyes fascinated with Miss Flower. 
Her sight, so golden.
Her touch, a gentle softness. 
Indeed, a beauty to behold. 
As she swishes and swipes,
I stole a glance at her effortless beauty.

I walked out of the garden,
And met the singing creatures,
Singing so freely to nature’s beauty,
With their melodious voices.
The trees move their hips to the rhythm of the wind. 

Soon, I walked past them,
craving for more,
Then I saw the flowing life,
That gives life to all,
With its magnificent beauty.
As it showers all with calm 
My feelings could not be expressed.
So home I went at last,
As dusk crept in.
My eyes retired to bed.

With the break of the dawn,
I behold a wondrous sight.
A smiling sun,
calling me for the day ahead.
I have come to know,
That there is nothing as beautiful as nature’s eye.

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