Anatomy of Pain from a Boy’s Body

This is a poignant, slightly nuanced piece that speaks to traces of pain and anguish and the other micro histories of a young heart. The young, brave poet, with the use of deeply moving metaphors and thrilling language crushes us into small fragments in line after line. This is a start on a path that promises to be long and illustrious for this brilliant poet.

The Naïve way I Seek Freedom from my Father

In lines that appear as sure-footed and rhythmic as poetry can be, the poet deftly navigates memory and familial relationships. This is achieved in a way that draws empathy, and yet, is defiant and triumphant. This striking poem ─ although written by a young, as yet inexperienced poet ─ is strewn with metaphors and shows a lot of discipline in craft. Here is a future for this deeply moving poet, unfolding into what would surely become a tremendous applause of colours.


This powerfully crafted and affecting work is a redemption anthem and proud thanksgiving for the enduring gift of motherhood, and also an ode to matriarchy. The free flowing lines, like muezzins, call us to worship. This young poet is fearless and phenomenal, and with language that is simple, but not necessarily simplistic, draws from a rich literary tradition, and writes with the voice of a griot; a custodian of the many delicate histories of the mind.

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