We are happy to bring to your notice that our first e-memoir will be published on the 20th of October, 2020. 
The book titled Graveyard is written by Ohakem Augustus-Reign Chukwuma and was birthed from loss, pain, and a lucid dream. It is an expression of art that brings new life to a mother, and glories in the bond she shared with her son. 
In Reign’s words,
“I spent a greater part of my childhood with mother, I watched her through her pains, and I felt her go through it all. During the last days of her first life, I led her through and tried making things easier for her. But I knew she wasn't going to make it. You see I have stared death in the face and I have called it by its name.
 This book brings her new life and for me, hope, the strength to heal if I ever come across healing one day.
 Yet I fear I might carry this loss to my grave. 
In this book, I have awakened her in words, a gift.”
Author’s Biography 
Ohakem Augustus-Reign Chukwuma (The Muse of Pain) is a writer, creative 
non-conformist, concept creator, activist, and content analyst. He is presently 
doing a major in Theatrics at Imo State University. He is a critic for some Art 
firms and has had works published by some of these firms. Quite the sensualist, 
he loves to read, write, travel, and swim. 
Reign loves Creative Arts and Theatre Aesthetics, and spends most of his time 
editing, curating and proofreading literary works. Recently, he was selected to 
work with an African cinema.  You can contact him on:
Mobile Number-09030298435 

Comments (31)

  1. T Regis Onweagba


    I look forward to reading this book. You have always been a creative man. I have no doubt that this will be an excellent piece…. and yes, thanks for this gift. I would like to feel her presence one more time.

  2. Devine


    Beautiful, wish you you more… musings? Pain maybe i dont know man, I just came here to comment anyways and support so I’m just doing that..

  3. Chineke.G. Uzodinma


    You are a great friend and you deserve the best of life.
    Continue soaring high.

    Grace speaks for u

  4. Joseph Adonis


    Much expectations … Nothing but the coming together of a beautiful experience from the hand of the best himself 😍

  5. Reply

    Nice one dear, I can feel every bit of your words, and I am marveled on how incredible you could be, keep up your good work and thank you

  6. Oluchi paul


    U are such a wonderful person..i pray God continues to give u more wisom nd understandin to b able to write more

  7. Eresaba Emmanuel


    Reign has always been a great writer, he never fails to inspire me through my everyday life….

  8. Echezona


    Wow this is so lovely. I will love to read this book Reign. Am till in shock you are a good writer. Goodluck to you and more books to come.

  9. Frank


    An exquisite weave of story.
    Thanks Reign, for gifting us this masterpiece. It’s worth the read.

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