A Facebook post by Helga Landauer reports that Abdel Wahab Yousif, a Sudanese poet, was one of the 45 people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea early in September. Their ship was shot at and it caught fire. 
According to the post, Abdel prophesized his death in his poems. Here is one of such poems:
You’ll die at sea.
Your head rocked by the roaring waves,
your body swaying in the water,
like a perforated boat.
In the prime of youth you’ll go,
shy of your 30th birthday.
Departing early is not a bad idea;
but it surely is if you die alone,
with no woman calling you to her embrace:
“Let me hold you to my breast,
I have plenty of room.
Let me wash the dirt of misery off your soul.” 
Rest well, poet. May the waters sail you home. 
Source: Helga Landauer 

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