The poets showed a remarkable level of consciousness, speaking salient truths about the society around them with exquisitely crafted language and striking use of imagery. The significance of these poems cannot be underestimated considering that they were written by green secondary school students. Despite this, it is apparent that there are no limitations to their readership because their writing can be relatable to a diverse assemblage.
How about the superpower to save lives?
In "Superpower" the poet explores the clamant need for national transformation, posing tectonic rhetorical questions concerning feminism and mental illness. Rather refreshingly, the poets do not shy away from points of pain and use their charily schematized words to speak their truth. In "My Unknown Plight To The Future", the Earth itself speaks to us, she tells us where it hurts and laments about the constant affliction upon her by humans. It is laudable that these poets do not just seek to disport their writing skills, but show concern for issues around them that need to be addressed, such as climate change. 
Let it be known that a poet rebelled against her muse
to birth a poem as a remembrance of the stolen girls.
In "Poem Of Remembrance" the poet goads readers to cast our minds to a past we cannot escape and takes us back to the unresolved horror of the abducted Chibok girls. 
When I am assertive,
I’m a bitch
In "Equality", the poet is unflinching in their demand for justice. The poets are strikingly imaginative in their use of words. "Dietary Law" is a memorable poem imbued with loss and sorrow as it explores the perniciousness of rape and the violence meted out on women. These poets challenge us to care about injustice, and immersing oneself in these creations spawn pharaonic satisfaction.

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