Do you visit the graveyard as I do?
I am at one now, where one of the graves hold my first love, walling her away from me. I sit with her today in this desolate and forgotten place.
How easily she is forgotten!
As I summon her I feel the air icily blow on and pass me, it is like being pierced with an army of needles I do not see. Maybe they are in me.
This graveyard wears moss like a robe covering its every inch with grasses like flowers adorning the floor.
This graveyard’s cracked cement slab makes me think its captive intends to escape.
I think of my first love’s strength, her fight through life a testimony to that. I think too of how easily she lost to death.
My emotions run high as I run my hands on her epitaph: 
‘where are you? Awake, sleep- ing, dreaming of me in sleep? Or you are not just here? Why are the beautiful ones taken?’
I feel anger greater than myself, a sadness I cannot carry alone.
And then I hear her whisper: 
‘I am home. Life isn’t being alive, we only survive. Dying isn’t the end either. Here’s life and there’s death, find yourself some loving in between. Wrapped in a cocoon of flesh and blood, one day you will be home but before coming home, leave your indelible marks here’.

‘When you visit a garden, which flowers do you pick first?’
The whisper continues...

The full book will be up for free download on Arts Lounge, on the 20th of October, 2020

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