It’s world teachers day, and we want to equip you with Five Questions You Must Never Ask a Teacher. Read them and know them by heart. Trust me, you need them handy.

1) Are you well? 
Well? Like am I happy and living life?  Dude I’m not. With all the kids on my neck who never listen to anything they are told, and the lessons I have to plan, and the papers I have to grade, and the comments I’m about to write, taking care to not say a child is silly when he actually is, so the parent don’t have me arrested for child abuse. With all of these, how can I be well or fine?
2)Are you broke? 
Yes. I am. Teachers are broke always. It’s a default setting.
3) What happened to your shoes?
Life. Life happened to my shoes. I wear them almost every other day because  they are my shoes. And I stand for hours with them, and trek the living day with them. That is life people, and it happened to my shoes. 
4) Is teaching difficult?
If you’re comparing it to finding the cure for corona virus, no it isn’t. If you’re comparing it to being a politician and making money from doing nothing, yes it is.
5) Do you love what you do?
Teaching kids is a difficult thing. But once you get into their hearts and have them enter yours, then it’s difficult not to love teaching. 
Happy world teacher’s day.

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