after Chelsea Dingman’s Psychogeography.
I have been home my whole life, 
feet rooted in a field full of blood 
Thorns welcome me at the borders of Canada, Britain, mostly places where my ancestors bodies have showed up on sea
I hang mid sentence when asked where do you come from, I claim I am forgetful…
Liar! trying to reinvent myself, like I never existed,  burn my tongue if I say Nigeria.
Brother plays my voice note, and I sound more British than Nigerian, less Nigerian than myself.
I am dissolving into a new creature,
my visa is now green while my friends rot in envy, 
they think My cross is less heavy, but I weigh heavier than in my chest, I turn a globe in the curve of my palms & gravitate towards there,
I am on a pilgrimage to find what isn’t missing,


Ejiro Elizabeth Edward is a writer from Nigeria. She is a recipient of the SBMEN fellowship and has been published on some online magazine such as Icefloe, Agbowo, Serotonin amongst others . She loves to read, dance and travel when she’s not looking for her friends trouble. Find her on Twitter: Ejiroedward552.

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