We are pleased to announce the long-listed stories for Wedged: Between Man and God, a creative non-fiction anthology of Queer West African Women’s stories to be curated by Unoma Azuah in partnership with Women Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment and Equality (WISE Nigeria). Out of a pool of over 50 entries received, twenty-two most outstanding stories have been selected for the longlist.

“The End of the Tunnel” by Abalawa Solime Bénin Republic “Sido” by Melody Boateng Benin Republic
“A Life of Hope” by Lynn Aurelie Attemene Burkina Faso
“Suffocating in the Comfort of my Wardrobe” by Tanamia Ilunga Côte d’Ivoire
“Javelin: High Voltage” by Gsan Rolifane Côte d’Ivoire
“Hope Flies by a Girl Like Me” by Enyo Sela Ghana
“Shouting Myself Hoarse” by Delasi Sanenu Ghana
“Live to Fight Another Day” by Sasha Fattahu Ghana
“A Lonely Journey Through Self Acceptance” by Lariba Johnson Ghana
“Dear Mom, I am Gay” by Aisha Balde Liberia
“Ehi-A Bini Dyke” by Osazeme Oyegun Mali/Nigeria
“I am who I am” by Emmanuella Nduonofit Nigeria
“I want to, but not her kind of Marriage” by Vivian Nwachukwu Nigeria
“Catharsis” by Kemi Lade Nigeria
“To the Girl in the Closet” by Free Born Nigeria
“Arranged Marriage with a gay man” by Veejay Ogugua Nigeria
“From my Mouth to God’s Ears” by Joy Steve Nigeria
“Growing Wings” by Olaedo Obinze Nigeria
“My Daddy’s Daughter” by Noni Salma USA/Nigeria
“Let’s Pray” by Eiphiee 1ze Nigeria
“Multiple Colors of Identity” by Tai Maduka Nigeria
“Why Don’t You Pray” by Claire Ba Senegal

A short list will be announced on the 30th of October, 2021. Congratulations to all long-listed writers.

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