When your walls crumble upon you, mother
is it better to sit and stare at the ruins and
hope that time does not make you grind
stone with your teeth
and lay caves that have swallowed tongues
and thirsts
in your mouth
a mouth full of maggots

Flies are festered beneath your lies
Even as your eyes
are glazed with the rays
of sinking sun

When your walls crumble upon you, mother
The tears that sting your eyes are to sooth
a burning bruise
And the thought of gathering the straw and
Brick and block
to start all over
bends your will into two

mother, daylight is retiring
and the world has refused to age with you
yet you are still a mound of pain
writhing in the ashes of your heath
you beg for wreath even before your death

The will
You will find
To start
for in return and departure
footsteps hasten the gait of time
to save you
all over again
and we will rehearse these steps
till you get it right.

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