O Nigeria, what happened 
your prestigious country
filled with rich soil
and valuable resources? 

O Nigeria, what happened?
Our rich resources 
are all wasted by greedy politicians
and corrupt senators.

O Nigeria
You were once a beautiful nation
fresh as a baby
but now you are filled with garbage
and unknown Gunmen.

O God of Judah
Please, help Nigeria
Before we become a deserted country. 

Poet’s biography:

Nathan Igbunuoghene Areh was born in April 2011. He is a 5th grader, but he skipped 5th grade and advanced to JSS1 by double promotion, for his outstanding academic performance. Nathan feels the pain of parents and dreads what may befall his generation due to wastefulness and avarice of poor leadership. He writes from Asaba, Delta State.

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