It is no news that Otosirieze Obi-young, the brain behind The Brittle paper growth and success, has been unduly fired from the organization. I like to state that this is unacceptable and disappointing. No one discards their very best.

The sublime thing however is how writers are reacting to the incident. A lot of writers like our dearest Chibuihe Achimba, JK Anowe, are rescinding the awards they received from the BP, with other writers like Romeo Oriogun, Michael Chiedoziem, Ebenezer Agu and more, pulling down their works and cancelling engagements with the organization, all in support of Obi-young.

I say again, this is sublime. The literary space of Nigeria will soon be unstoppable, because it is being taken over by writers who are honest to themselves and to a process, and to a course every literary mind stands for: justice.

This is not a pleasant event in the course of our literary journey, and I hope it is resolved in all honesty and fairness.

By the way, It will be difficult to imagine the Brittle paper without Obi-young, especially, when the situation that warranted his departure is taken into consideration.

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