Ainehi Edoro, the founder of the Brittle Paper has released a statement in response to the events that led to the dismissal of its most valuable editor, Otosirieze Obi-young, stating that this was purely on editorial grounds. 

She goes on to state that the editor was shot out as working relationship between them had broken irretrievably.  

Irretrievably? Isn’t it quite surprising that just one disagreement can destroy a relationship of four years  to irretrievable extent? Quoting Obor Michael,

“Otosirieze and Ainehi are both awesome people, as both mutually attested. They regularly gush about each other’s qualities, openness, empathy, understanding, warmth. We have seen their pictures together and the friendship radiating from within. Their work together, as evidenced by Brittle Paper, has been enviable. It has been a remarkable four years for them. It is therefore tragic that the toils of these past four years should be washed away in four days. The deterioration is too drastic.”

Going through the statements by both parties, I see nothing but a misunderstanding that could have been resolved, else there are other things yet to be said. 

Again, this is a sad event. I am saddened that the hard and honest work of two geniuses is being tested in this manner. 

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