My Unknown Plight To The Future

From the third closest to the sun

I hope all this would soon be gone

Even though I have no form to transport (this)

I hope my little clicking friends would help

“To whom it may concern”

All around my voice echoes

Day and night my body feebles

When they rejoice,

I am at alert

When they moan,

I am at alert

When troubles dwells with them, 

I am at alert

When they try new ideas,

I am at alert

When they move to hide away,

I am at alert

When they move to disturb my brothers and sisters,

I am also at alert

Oh! When will I have this rest of mind

From the daily running of athletes 

To the rapid movement of those in a hurry

From the training boots

To the cruel black men

And messages exchanged by countries in no peace

From the never ending job of the overalls

To the never ending celebrations and night clubs

From the regular cultivation of my beautiful hair

To the regular mining all through my abdomen

For what have I done to deserve all this?

I seize to punish them by leaving

But give a warning by sliding

For then I am not considered

Because of their ever growing desire

To build up their abode

Leaving me to bear all

For they are like bacteria

Always spreading wide and far

Taking with them their tools to molest

My all beautiful self

Spraying all sorts of liquids

To make me a zone for building their mouth substance

Darkening my ever glowing me

Because of their selfish aim

To make their own sun

Even in their house

Oh! Why?

Am I at the last of me?

Poor and alone with no one

As the toxins from the liquid

Chase all that find me as a friend

As they never call me “home”

Due to the ever working man

Destroying my source of bond with them

Ah! Alas they have given me

The worst that I cannot bear

Having my eyes filled with tears

Can this ever clear?

I must confess

I cannot stand

The overloaded crowd

And their arts that fill me up

Soon going to make me go into extinction

All because of that big giant killer


For I am really weary

And tired of your “now we are”

Disturbing my heart desire

If only they can understand

The never ending disturbance

That makes me stay up all my life

Without a little time to shut my eyes

But to the “yet to come” I say

Have mercy on me oh I pray

That at least just for a day,

I can close my eyes to feel 

What it really is to sleep.

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