Looking into the mirror and my reflection not seen
Gasping for my voice to be heard, but my feet sinking into the deep
Drowning my sorrow with my tears
Standing in the midst of the waves waiting for the tides of the ocean
Looking for a soul to call mine
Like chasing a wandering spirit
Looking for a door

Like a vampire in quest for blood
When I see the light
My door disappears
I forever remain entrapped

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  1. Sylvia Uzoamaka nwachukwu


    Loving them but anatomy of pain from a boy body is phenomenal so am voting patella chukwu eke because she did an amazing job

  2. Sylvia Uzoamaka nwachukwu


    I love all of them but Anatomy of pain from a boys body is just so phenomenal..
    I am voting Pacella chukwu Eke because she did an amazing job.

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