Social media is flooded with sadness and different pictures and quotes of Chadwick Boseman. As I scroll through post after post, I thought, “but wakanda was suppose to be a forever deal, wasn’t it?” I feel greatly pained about this news and yet I am unable cry. I am unable to cry for a death that isn’t entirely death, (I bet you, Chadwick lives forever) I am unable to cry for a global loss, for a death with so much significance, until I read that Chadwick was diagnosed of cancer since 2016, but the world knew nothing of it. 

For some people, the world could have ended in 2016 and that would be totally fine, because the certainty that one is about to die puts an end to everything, death being the ultimate end of all things. But for Chadwick, that was when life began. He said, “ you have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure.”

And he did just that. Chadwick  starred in the most important and significant movie of his life and career in 2018, and went on to feature in other movies even after that. That is the truest form of heroism. 

Beyond the Marvel screen, Chadwick has shown us what true heroism is. A hero is not to be pitied. Chadwick didn’t want pity and he kept his diagnosis secret from the world, inspiring us to strength, endurance, perseverance and also painting a picture of what black people stand for: hard work, in a land of cultural and racial discrimination. He lived his truest and best life and he will be remembered forever for that. 

Rest in power, Prince and King.

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