Do you have a message for someone? Does something bother you? Has the world been unkind to you and you want to yell? Or rant? What about love: are you in love? Have you loved? Do you have something to say to your lover, or EXES? Are you hurting? What about faith? What about the dreams you had or those that mark your waking hours? And rejections? Have you been rejected? How did you handle it? What do you have to say to the person or people that rejected you? Do you have stories (even if not yours) of extraordinary people, decisions, circumstances and experiences you will love to share in an open letter or letters addressed to the world? 

 We started a project —Dear X: The Mailberg Experience, for the above and for the following reasons:
 • To give you a chance to express yourself, to pour out your truest and deepest emotions without the burden of conventional creative writing standards.
 • We believe all or most forms of letters reflects certain layers of honesty or truths —elements that are lacking currently in our world and antidotes to the anxiety forced down our throats daily.
 • To revive the art of writing letters; that profound mode of correspondence that has been stifled and currently set aside for only official purposes.

 Submission Guidelines 
 There are no guidelines. Only send your letter to, with the title DEAR X OR MAIL BERG.

 Note: Letters that are destructive of a person or institution will not be accepted. 
 Incase you don’t want your name published, pseudonyms can be used.

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