Dear X: Crying Out Loud!

Dear X,   Do you want to know when everything went wrong?   When I was six, my mother died. She was sick. I don’t remember much but, I think she had some sort of kidney or liver disease. Anyway, she died just a few months before I turned seven. My step-brother, from my dad’s

For the Girl I Met on Facebook—Edwin Olu Bestman

after a busy day, i logged onto Facebook to have a conversation with my favorite people & then came a friend request. a request from a girl who never wanted to hold me like a Catholic rosary.    her prayers were reflections of how our love drowned behind grandma’s old zinc house. i held this girl like the way christ held


Do you have a message for someone? Does something bother you? Has the world been unkind to you and you want to yell? Or rant? What about love: are you in love? Have you loved? Do you have something to say to your lover, or EXES? Are you hurting? What about faith? What about the