Peace And Nature— Ukwu Kimberly Are you hearing the waters? Are you hearing the wind? It’s a call to nature. It’s a call to peace.   Are you hearing the birds whistling? Are you hearing the animals singing songs of joy? It’s a call to nature, it’s a call to peace.   It is time

How we Born Memories-Adaeze M. Nwadike

Makurdi is your honey arms that make you an oyster. Makurdi is the way you kiss, four times or none at all. Makurdi is your eyes, as mysterious as Atlantic, this is how I choose to remember this place. Here, the sun is brightest. It comes out earlier than you and goes to sleep later

Chat History– Chukwuemeka Akachi

C (Online) (Typing…) “Hi” Hello (Typing…) “Beautiful”  Beast “Lovely” Sad “Stunning” Dying “Nice Make-up” I’m hiding (Typing…) He asks for a picture Sadness isn’t captured in camera He asks again. I don’t have the required film for holding pain. He begs her. (Image sent) She is smiling. Night gown. Bedroom. “You look happy” With the